An Attraction Pass serves as an all-in-one ticket that provides access to a variety of attractions in a city. With such a pass, you often get free admission to the city's most prominent attractions, including museums, viewpoints, Hop-on/Hop-off bus tours and city tours. Our website offers a thorough introduction to the most popular attraction passes for destinations like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more.

For first-time visitors to a city, such a pass can be very useful, as it eliminates the need to buy individual tickets for the main attractions. This is not only practical, but also saves time. Often you can even avoid the long queues at the top sights with an Attraction Pass.

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Financially, such a pass can also be attractive, especially if the total price of the pass is lower than the sum of individual tickets for the sights you want to visit. Generally, the more you plan to see, the more profitable such a pass becomes.

There are a variety of Attraction Passes for the world's most popular metropolises. For example, in Chicago you have to choose between at least five different offers. Each pass has its own features, validity period, price and restrictions.

Why a comparison?

Suppliers tend to emphasize the advantages of their products, while the disadvantages often only become clear after the purchase. That's why we offer a detailed comparison. We carefully examine each Attraction Pass, highlight the included benefits, and evaluate whether the price is justified. We want to determine which pass is best for which target group in each city.

There is not always one "best" Attraction Pass for every traveler. Our goal is to introduce you to the best pass for you. If you buy an Attraction Pass through our affiliate links, we receive a commission, which is at no additional cost to you.

Why research with us?

There are several reasons why you should look for an Attraction Pass for your city trip with us:

  • We do not present just one product, but compare all relevant offers for a city.
  • Our ratings are more objective than those of the providers and also take into account customer reviews.
  • We strive to present the information as comprehensibly as possible.
  • We always keep our website up to date.

We obtain our information mainly from the providers of the Attraction Passes, with whom we are in regular contact. In addition, customer reviews from platforms such as GetYourGuide or Trustpilot flow into our ratings. We standardize all available information to make the products of different providers comparable.